Monday, August 07, 2006

The moving van has already arrived at the new site...

We have moved, lock, stock, barrel, laptop and wi-fi... to our new home, arriving ahead of schedule.

If you link to us... our new address is:

Please be patient while we deal with new keys & configurations.

Any difficulties encountered in entering the site are probably due to my trying to figure out where all of the light switches are.

Praise the goddesses for our great-- and I mean great-- new tech support!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

FYI... to Lyssa Strada's readers and contributors...

...sometime during this next week, assuming all goes according to plan [crosses fingers, knocks on wood], the contents of this blog will be migrated to a new site. The new site will have, once we get things configured and formatted, some features that I think everyone will appreciate.

For example, the most recent comments will scroll down a section of the screen, and no matter how old the relevant post is, you will be able to see that there is a new comment. In addition, you'll be able to find/search for other posts by someone whose work you like (or perhaps don't). We'll also be able to keep important stories, or even just ongoing features, prominently displayed on the "front page."

After the migration is complete, there will probably be formatting to correct, and perhaps images to re-load. Minor details, but we will deal with them. We do ask for your patience during this transition.

If you are a regular contributor, the plan is to send you a new log-in and a temporary password that you can change when you first log in. Commenters may register, too, and then will receive a temporary password, as well, which can then be changed to something you prefer. Of course, commenting will be possible without registering, but there are advantages to registering (and we don't really care what name you use). For example, once all of the configurations are properly set, you'll be able to see what you have read and what you have not, i.e., whether any of the new comments are ones that you have not read.

I am not going to ask anyone to cease posting or commenting during this time, since the nature of the activity-- as well as of the news itself-- means that it is not always easy to schedule online time when something is topical, or when we just have to get something off our chest. Most of us, I suspect, just take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. Should there be any posts entered after the migration process has already begun, we can always copy and paste them in after the fact. Just like those last few precious items you always end up moving in your car.

Once the process is underway, we'll start a thread for taking leave... eventually starting one, as well, for a welcoming party at the new site, including virtual refreshments. ;~)