Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Perhaps Thursday was showing just a little too much restraint...

...considering that there are other-- much stronger-- opinions of Ann Coulter that would most certainly not meet with Judith Martin's approval either?

Still, we shall present none of those highly-charged & rude opinions here, but simply allow Ms. Coulter's own words to represent her. If you wish to see what else has been written on her most recent moue du jour, you must find it on your own. As for the card suit and rank... at least she's not depicted as the Queen of Spades, and she should be grateful for such small favors, although the creators are guilty of mixing their metaphors. For which they should be soundly reprimanded. Especially for completely missing the whole "Red Queen-off-with-their-heads" thing that her rhetoric should have suggested to them.

Of course, when one actually girds one's loins-- and one's stomach-- long enough to read some of Ms. Coulter's most outrageous & oft-quoted attacks, one wonders how & where she fits into the administration's plan to win the minds and hearts of the Iraqis, not to mention the rest of the middle-east?

Queen of Clubs from: Deck of Republican Chickenhawks


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