Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I clicked on a link at Broadsheet, and sent the following...

To Rep. Curt Weldon:

We live certainly live in crazy times when the government expects a woman my age (50+) to consider herself pre-pregnant-- since most pregnancies are considered suprises-- just because she hasn't yet reached menopause.

And you can imagine that it seems especially ironic to me, because of when I came of age, that groups who say their main goal is to prevent abortion are now attacking women's rights to proper reproductive health care, including access to contraception, and that hugely controversial boon to women, Plan B, (which is NOT an abortifacient, but really, according to the SCIENCE, just emergency contraception).

And, finally, imagine the plight of a poor woman who has already fallen through the cracks, either because of the lack of access to contraception, or because she was in the small percentage for whom her method failed, or had an uncooperative partner.

She sees a billboard offering help to women in circumstances such as hers (poor? too many children already? a high-risk for pregnancy? alone? under-age? over-age? etc? etc?) and decides to call for help in getting her pregnancy terminated, only to find herself in a Kafka-esque episode:

[NOW]: Fake pregnancy crisis centers attract women to their clinic through deceptive advertising.

Once the women arrive at the so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Center" they are provided with biased and inaccurate information designed to persuade them not to obtain an abortion. Women deserve unbiased complete medical information about their pregnancy and their reproductive rights. In order to achieve this I am asking you to support Rep. Carolyn Maloney's bill referred to as "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act" (H.R. 5052).

The Maloney bill would direct the Federal Trade Commission to create rules that prohibit any organization from advertising with the intent to deceive the public into believing an organization is a provider of abortion services if they don't in fact provide abortion services. Please help ensure through your support that this piece of legislation makes it to the floor. Women deserve to hear the truth.

It's the right thing to do, Congressman Weldon.


Karen M

[original post at Broadsheet]

[I decided to embellish NOW's message, figuring that the target audience must get tired of reading the same things over and over.]


Blogger Thursday Next said...

Oh, well done Karen! I hope this prods others to write their Congressional representatives as well.

10:38 PM  

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