Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who is going to stop this man...

...from destroying our Constitution?

It appears that only a few men are willing to say no to him when it counts, but it doesn't really matter since George W. Bush does not willingly listen to advice from any of the men in his life anyway. However, we do know, at least anecdotally, that GWB does pay attention-- sometimes-- to what women say: his mother, his wife, Condi Rice, Karen Hughes, Harriet Miers. Maybe even his daughters.

So, what if, in honor of Mother's Day... we send letters, emails, faxes to these women, and explain to them, unsentimentally, how important it is that they, once again, save GWB from himself. Remind them that he is in near danger, not only of being rated the worst president in US history, but also of being the one to destroy our Constitution. Remind them that they have to save not only him from himself, but their own children and grandchildren, who are in danger of growing up in a very different world than the one in which they have grown up. Remind them that they already get some credit for being able to smooth over the negatives of his public personality, but that this is their moment to make real history by helping to save a democracy. Remind them, that like Charity, Democracy must start at home. Remind them of whatever else you really care about.

Of course, we're all busy people-- so, think of this as a long-term project that does not have to be completed by Sunday. Decide on how much you want to do, figure out a time line, and plan something that won't require burning the candle at both ends. Feel free to comment or email about your plans, or drafts of your letters. We'll post them prominently.

If there are any men reading this and saying, "hey, what about me?" ...well, I sympathize. We all wish that George Bush were willing to listen to you, too. I've always thought that the world tends to be a much better place when men censure one another's bad behavior. But it doesn't always work that way in the world. And it really doesn't work that way in BushWorld. So, perhaps you could ask your wife or girlfriend or mother or aunt or sister or coworker to do something, and in exchange, offer to do something for her (or them): a load of laundry, some errands, a foot massage. You know what she/they will want or need in order to find time to write a half-dozen or a dozen letters. And... my honest opinion is that actual letters will be more effective, and not as many will be required. It is very difficult to ignore a crisp piece of stationery with the personally composed letter, signed by another woman who has taken the time from her own busy schedule to encourage a woman who has the ear of the president to help us all by helping, once again, to save him from his own worst tendencies. But if email is all that is possible for you, then use email.

Update: Okay, I'm sort of stumped. At one time, it was better to email, because of the security risks and the lengthy time involved in inspecting paper mail. However, the White House's web page suggests that, due to the volume of email they receive, invitations should be sent by regular mail in order to ensure timely processing. The contact information for the White House is here, which presumably should work for everyone on our list. Does anyone else have more updated information?


Blogger Thursday Next said...

This only works if the women in his life actually believe he is doing a bad job and needs to make some changes. This story from the Washington Post says that Laura doesn't believe the polls that say her husband is so unpopular.

Of course she has to defend him, in public. Who knows what she really thinks and says to him when they are alone.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Karen M said...

I know-- I saw that same story. Then, I started to get all excited reading another one that said he was in danger of losing the approval of one of his daughters... Jenna. But it was satire.

Since then, I've read a piece by Jane Smiley on the Huffington Post that delineates the problem pretty clearly, and puts it squarely back on the lap of Congress.

10:00 AM  

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