Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Cry from the Heartland- Stop the War Now!

My Brother's War. My War.
By Michael Melius

The news today was of a bus carrying teachers stopped near Baghdad, the teachers lined up on the ground and every other one shot dead. Last week it was the women and children at an open market, killed by a bomb hidden among sacks of flour.

How do you turn away from this news? You who support the war, how do you intend to stop it? Did you not promise these people security when you overran their country? Those innocent people--however hard their lives might have been without us, it's only a might-have-been. What is certain is that their lives would not have ended the way they did if we hadn't brought war to their land. We are responsible for this war.

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We read this letter at one of favorite sites, Political Physics, and asked if we could cross-post it here at Lyssa Strada. the rest here, as well as something about its origins and the passionate comments it elicited.


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