Monday, July 03, 2006

Victoria's Secret Breasts

This post is a follow-on to Karen M's post about breastfeeding.
It's kind of ironic that Victoria's Secret, which plasters breasts everywhere, is offended at seeing breasts used for their intended purpose.
And here we are again, with another mother being asked to use the bathroom to nurse her baby because breastfeeding makes someone uncomfortable. This incident happened in Racine, WI.

The nursing mom's solution? One so radical and subversive, it deserves attention and applause. About 20 women and children staged a "nurse-in" in front of the store as part of a national "nurse-in."

40 US states have some form of legislation regarding breastfeeding. Wisconsin exempts breastfeeding from criminal statutes.

This is not the first time Victoria's Secret has had complaints from nursing mothers. Massachusetts and Ohio stores have also had issues. According to a spokesman who must be frustrated at having to spend so much of his time apologizing and explaining company policy, Victoria's Secret allows nursing mothers in their stores. Apparently the staff isn't getting the message, and are actually telling nursing mothers that it's against company policy.

Good for the moms for standing up for the health of their children and good for Victoria's Secret's official company policy. Bad for the employees who don't get it and keep insisting that moms feed their children in the bathroom.

Educate, educate, educate!


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