Monday, July 10, 2006

So... who's covering the Fast for Peace?

Not surprisingly, the rightwing blogs are having a heydey, focusing primarily on Cindy Sheehan's participation as they further burnish her media image, and on the fact that not all of the Fasters will be fasting continuously. (Yes-- some people who wish to protest the war do have other responsibilities that mean lesser commitments. So?) And... a lot of the conservative blogs don't even get all of the facts right-- but what else is new? Nor did I come across any that mentioned that the women of CodePink are planning-- not necessarily to cease their Fast in September, but-- to up the ante, by encouraging acts of civil disobedience.

Nor is it a surprise that the majority of the MSM outlets have not given this story much coverage-- if any. However, there are a lot of stories in smaller papers (e.g., Charleston Daily Mail, Half Moon Bay, Killeen Daily Herald, Portsmouth Herald,) and other online news sources. For example, this one on Axcess News and elsewhere, by A. N. Hernandez, has a bit more detail about Diane Wilson, and her previous fasts, as well as some of the other higher-profile fasters.

The most interesting thing about the coverage is that many of the smaller and regional papers' stories about the Fast are actually about local residents joining in the CodePink hunger strike in Washington. Remember the protesting multitudes before and during the run-up to the War, standing on street corners and main streets all across the country? And the candlelight vigils? And-- the lack of coverage in the MSM, or the degree to which the opposition to the War was downplayed whenever there was a story? I think this story could be something similar. Except... local papers, who are less beholden to the ways of Washington, may actually lead the way in covering this anti-war effort, just as the MSM should have done. Before the War.


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