Saturday, July 22, 2006

Serendipitous synchronicity

Karen's post about Dr. Ben Barres was a serendipitous post of synchronicity. The roomful of clerks were just discussing something similar.

What woman among us can say that she has not experienced some of these gender-based reactions regardless of her academic background?

I have often fallen into the trap of not believing certain episodes were sexism. I too believed that if I could do it, anyone could. It was not only a lack of faith in my ability but a blindness to sexism as well.

It has been only a few short years since I began to flower into the more aware feminist whose words you now read. Not only is it important for all of us regardless of gender to wake up and read the statistics, it's also important to learn to value each other for the contributions we all make.

It is Barres' unique perspective that leads me to understand this:
You write that as a man, you can complete a sentence without being interrupted.
I hadn't given any thought to my experiences with this as particularly sexist, I merely thought they were being rude. On a personal level, maybe they just are. On a larger level, are they sexist? Having not seen this in action where my interrupters and other people are concerned, I can't say for sure but it does give one pause. And it makes me wonder what other experiences may be systematic sexism. But how does one go about rooting those out?

I applaud Dr. Barres for his willingness to speak from his own experiences and to have persistently pursued his goals, both as a woman and now as a man.


Blogger Karen M said...

Don't you just love serendiptiy and synchronicity? That's what should really be running the world! Not stupid power-point presentations.

3:00 PM  

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