Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Perhaps... Laurastrata?

A blogger's greatest hope, whether he or she admits it or not, is to have some impact on the status quo. Perhaps this blog has had an effect on the First Lady-- but more likely not. Regardless, we do have to wonder now whether she might have given her husband a deadline on her own. Something along the lines of...
Nothing doing, George, until you get those young men and women out of Iraq and we can stop being responsible-- whether directly or indirectly-- for all of those civilian deaths. For crying out loud, George, how can you possibly expect War not to be a mood killer?
For, unlike her husband, I suspect that Mrs. Bush, who is an intelligent woman, must be aware of the fact that most of the deaths in modern wars are not of soldiers, but of civilians, and that most of these are of women and children. And, truly, how can that not be a mood killer?

To be honest, the notion of Mrs. Bush enacting her own version of Lysistrata did not occur to me until I was trying to think of a possible explanation for her husband's allowing himself to be videotaped massaging another woman's neck and shoulders. Although I don't disagree with the other analyses, I still felt the need to discover a catalyst that could make it actually happen. Nor am I particularly interested in the Bushes' personal life. I've never been one to speculate on such things for any couple, whether I know them or not. It's simply my temperament that I prefer to shield both others' privacy and my own sensibilities...

Yet, how can one not be curious about such a video clip? There, in broad daylight-- with cameras running!-- the so-called leader of the (once-)free world, THE self-proclaimed Decider, decides, as it were, to lay his hands upon another world leader, who happens to be a woman not his wife, in a manner that is generally reserved for one's intimates (even though the expression on his face was not particularly inviting or intimate, and Chancellor Merkel appeared to be appalled at being so accosted)! Was it just his typical arrogance? Or an ignorance of the normal boundaries among civilized peoples when conducting important state business? Perhaps frustration because his wife has been less affectionate lately, or maybe for much longer? One cannot help but wonder what would make a man in such a position of power once more show to all the world how little he values exercising restraint in using his power.

Of course, we cannot really know what Laura Bush must be thinking about her husband's public performance-- whether knowing or not-- at the G-8 Conference... but we certainly can speculate, as I did earlier today in an email exchange with Mark Hoback when he posted the lyrics of "Creep" juxtaposed with altered stills of Bush with German Chancellor Angela Merkel:
"Thank god! He's finally bothering someone else instead of me!"

"Good grief! What was he thinking?! Idiot!"
For the full picture, see Taylor Marsh's post, complete with stills, video, links, and updates; be sure to check out Wolcott's link in one of the later updates.

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Blogger Lyssa Strada said...

There's something about that photo, which I had seen before, and came across again when I was looking for an "illustration" for this post...

They look so sweet and full of promise in that shot. So young and innocent. Before their own realities had bitten back.

I thought juxtaposing it with this story would make the photo even more poignant. It might also have made the story that much more bittersweet, if only it weren't happening on the World's stage.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I didn't even recognize him in the photo.

11:29 AM  

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