Thursday, July 06, 2006

It Bears Repeating

Women in Iraq are getting the shaft when it comes to rights. Terri Judd's article For the Women of Iraq, the War Is Just Beginning last month covered some of the many atrocities anyone not of the male gender faces. It's horrifying to think things were better for women under Saddam Hussein's regime.
Under Saddam, women played little part in political life but businesswomen and academics travelled the country unchallenged while their daughters mixed freely with male students at university.
Now women are being shaved bald for not wearing a scarf or are stoned for wearing make-up. Wearing pants is considered a killing offense.

It is clear that fundamentalist Islamic men, like their fundamentalist Christian counterparts, are not reading their holy books and remembering their religious history. They have forgotten
Muhammad became a merchant. One of his employers was Khadijah, a forty-year-old widow. She was impressed with Muhammad's character and intelligence, and proposed to him in the year 595. Muhammad consented to the marriage, which by all accounts was a happy one. [1]
Yes, you read that right. Muhammad's (peace be unto him) wife was a business woman and proposed to him. He worked for a woman, married her and had children. When he began to receive revelations from Allah, she supported his work and converted, helping to spread the word of Islam.

There is no way I can be sure, but I'll bet both Muhammad and Jesus are seriously angry at what is happening in their "name" right now.

Source: [1] Wikipedia - Mohammed


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