Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If It Makes Sense, Just Ignore It

The roomful of clerks solves the ills of the world on a regular basis. Of course, they know no one will listen to them because the solutions make so much sense. Who knew that someone as wise as Molly Ivins was listening? In her article, Politics or Insanity?, she suggests some of the very things the clerks have been discussing.
You want to shut down illegal immigration? You want to use the military as police? Make it illegal hire undocumented workers and put the National Guard into enforcing that. Then rewrite NAFTA and invest in Mexico.
Hello? The reasoning behind this is similar to what the clerks have been saying.
Mexican immigrants keep crossing the border because they can get jobs here -- and most of those jobs are provided by companies whose CEOs support George W. Bush. That's where he can have an impact on the problem, should he choose to do so.
Help Mexico have a viable economy and everyone wins. This is so common sense, the clerks don't understand what those in power don't understand about this. Evidently, as Ms. Ivins points out, they are all living in fantasy land.


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