Thursday, July 27, 2006

An American/Iraqi Affair?

I was reading a Broadsheet story this morning, and then tonight found myself wondering... What if the Iraq War were compared with an abusive man/woman relationship?

An already powerful, but still power-hungry, man with plenty of women of his own, sees an exotic and beautiful woman of substance and culture, and decides he wants her too. And not just because she's rich, either, but because he thinks he can convince them both that they are soul mates. Really, he thinks of himself as Higgins to her Eliza, but he cannot say that metaphor out loud without risking being humiliated by his buddies.

Only one problem... she already belongs to another abusive man, and our guy is the one who introduced them in the first place. For some men, such an awkward circumstance might cause them to show just a bit of restraint, if only for the sake of appearances. But not our guy. It doesn't matter to him what winning her might cost him or her or their friends or family... or even their respective communities, so sure is he of her eventual and undying gratitude. So, he makes many grandiose promises about all of the wonderful things he has to offer her, while simultaneously sabotaging even further her already abusive relationship with the other man.

Unbelievably, she declines, but undaunted, he refuses to take no for an answer. It is a testosterone-driven and very ugly scene, including the part that was supposed to be so wonderful when his gang bests the other guy's gang. Unfortunately, our guy's friends get a little carried away with themselves, and the other guy's friends totally flip out.

Too bad that he didn't get better acquainted with her volatile family first, because now her brothers, and their friends, and some cousins, and the neighbors have all gotten involved in what has become a horrific brawl, the like of which has not been seen in some time, even in that neighborhood.

Sadly, yet very true to form... now that the luster has worn off this doomed-from-the-beginning relationship, he is already casting his eyes elsewhere for fresh meat.


Blogger Shahrul Azmi said...

Where are the gentlemen? Don’t they feel guilty seeing a crook bullying a lady?
And where are the rich men?, who own most of the land in that small hometown, are they too busy safeguarding their own property…

The Ugly Man is a psycho, a sex-maniac, and a potential killer. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STOP THE MAN??

9:46 PM  
Blogger Lyssa Strada said...

As you said yourself: " is frustrating when you can't do anything to change a country, let alone the world. But one thing I can do is to keep on throwing complaint after complaints..."

Actually, we hope to do a little more than that and have some effect. What will that look like? We don't know yet.

Thank you for your questions, though. I also wonder where the gentlemen are. Perhaps that was the sense behind the comparison.

8:30 AM  

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