Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where the grandmothers are in charge...

Read this post at Political Physics on the "Spiritual Unity of Tribes-Gathering of Eagles."

Two excerpts:
For thousands of years Elders, Grandmothers, Medicine men and women on many islands of our planet have known that someday all races would be reunited and would bring healing to our Mother Earth. Indigenous peoples who have retained a spiritual way of life would teach their brothers and sisters all over the planet how to renew these ways and live in humility, having respect for all and a sense of oneness with each other and their Creator.

Women of Political Physics-note that the grandmothers are running things. They are from several races and nations. We even have some grandmothers here from Australia. Down under they are known as "aunties." Wish you all could be there with us. We will make prayers for each and every one of you around the sacred fire. This solstice do your own ceremony, even if you live in the city. Go outside and look up at the stars and the moon. Know that your ancestors are looking back at you. Also know that everyone's ancestors lived tribally, including the caucasians. So Spiritual Unity of Tribes really does include the entire human race. We are all related. Joann Shenandoah, a wonderful traditional native singer from the six nations tribes in upstate New York has said for years that if you want to stop the wars and killings,
put the grandmothers in charge. See you all in two weeks.



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