Monday, June 19, 2006

Follow Up on Joe Galloway

Lyssa's post about Joe Galloway, What Joe Galloway Learned From War, touches on some of the things he has seen and written about in 41 years of war reporting.

NPR interviewed him this morning and asked about some of the things he has been witness to. With genuine tears in his voice, Galloway described what it was like to watch men pull their comrades out of a mud pit where a helicopter had crashed in Iraq. He spoke of the love and gentleness on these soldiers' faces as they found the bodies of their fallen comrades and then, with tearful anger, he excoriated those in power who do not take responsibility for their failures in leadership (Donald Rumsfeld to the white courtesy phone for an important message please).

Galloway's retirement from Knight-Ritter as military correspondent will be missed. But this is a man who is not going to go quietly, we'll be hearing more from him.


Blogger Karen M said...

I missed the beginning of that interview this morning, but eventually, I realized who it was.

Thanks for posting the links, Thursday, especially the audio.

11:57 AM  

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