Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Earth must have stopped, reversed itself, and begun to spin backwards...

- COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A proposal to ban abortion in Ohio under any circumstance is an outrageous attack on women, their families and their doctors, opponents said Tuesday.

Opponents criticized the bill, which is not expected to pass, from the Statehouse steps, ahead of a hearing Tuesday that was expected to draw an overflowing crowd.

The proposal would go further than a South Dakota abortion ban - considered the most restrictive in the United States - by outlawing abortions even when a woman's life is in danger. Like the South Dakota ban, the Ohio proposal would make no exceptions for rape.

The bill would also make it a felony to transport a woman to another state for an abortion. [There's more... just click on the link above.]

Tell me why...

when the world is full of so many thirsty & hungry children whose prospects continue to dwindle in no small part because of our own over-consumption,

when women all over the world need help in providing for the children they already have,

when women in Iran are beaten in public by police, merely for demanding the natural rights due any citizen,

when girls and women throughout the middle east and in Afghanistan are still being denied free and secure access to education,

when most reputable scientists agree that within a matter of decades we may no longer be able to reverse our climactic crisis,

when we already have one of the lowest rates of infant mortality among first world nations,

....why would those who call themselves "Christian" possibly think that their highest priority should be to initiate legislative stirrups and restraints for women, in order to force them to have more children than is probably good for them or for anyone else?

I really don't even approve of utilitarian arguments, in general, but I still have to wonder... how can this particular political stance reconcile itself with Christian values, when all of the above circumstances and many more, could rightfully be claiming their spiritual attention?


Ironically, childbirth (unlike abortion) carries many risks to women's health, some of which might last for the rest of her lifetime. Sex, on the other hand, has been shown to provide many health benefits for both women and men, as long as one avoids contracting any STDs (and, in some cases, pregnancy).

Wouldn't common sense dictate that both contraceptive and prophylactic precautions should be a much higher public health priority than forced childbirth, especially when most families' current economic conditions require two incomes just to keep everything afloat?

Haven't these folks considered that burning all of those extra calories might be a good thing, given that we also have a weight crisis in this country? Or is that still up for debate, too, along with global warming? And that just maybe if we all lost some weight, it would ease up on the pressure we put on the earth's land masses? Maybe they're really just concerned about the effects that even more unbridled sex might have on the climate. You know... all that additional CO2...

Don't be deluded into thinking that eliminating abortion is their ultimate goal. It ain't. They also plan to go after his condoms and your pills, and anything else that you and he might use to prevent a blind date between any one of his sperm and your eggs. Consenting or not.

[This post was not intended to exclude anyone who might prefer a same-sex partner, but merely to address the #4%@*%! idiocy of the right-wing's current pregnancy politics.]

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Blogger Thursday Next said...

This just makes me so ill.

10:12 AM  
Blogger NotSoccer Mom said...

yes, i'm also nauseous. it's so disgusting that i have a hard time believing it's true. but it is and we ALL have to get off our butts and DO something. let's NOT let it happen.

10:01 AM  

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