Tuesday, June 13, 2006

but one man & many women is okay because... ?

Considering all of the hoopla about defending marriage from the vagaries of two consenting, albeit same-sex, adults, one wonders why there is not more steam gathering about another deviation from the one man-one woman convention delivered unto us by the ReligiousRighteous...

Why is there not a comparable story in either the NYTimes.com or the WashingtonPost.com to this BBC story about Iranian women being beaten for their activism? In fact, they were being beaten so badly that men on the street were complaining about it.

Perhaps the powers-who-be, the ones who decide what is news, don't want to touch that one, because then they'd have to do a story on our own version of that scenario.

Granted, it's already being covered, tho' fictionally, on HBO, but still... perhaps it nips just a little too closely at the heels of Bush's base?

Instead, there was a story in the Washington Post on Saudi women defending their preference for wearing a veil, and their fear that our liberal, western ways might erode their own brand of conservatism.

Note that this story does help to frame our administration's no doubt upcoming shift of the goal posts on women's rights in the middle east.

Update: There is hope in need of nurturing and support... in another story from last fall and also from the BBC, in which "Islam feminists urge gender jihad." At the end of the article, the BBC includes comments & letters from viewers/readers/listeners all over the world.

[Big Love family photos from HBO]


Blogger Thursday Next said...

The polygamous issue is so difficult to comprehend. There is a complete subculture given to "open" relationships. I think where Islam is concerned the concept of multiple wives is misunderstood and in some perverse way "romanticized" while being demonized.

The Quran makes provisions for a man to have up to 4 wives, only if he can provide for them equally. The spirit of the law is for the protection of widows and their children. It's not open season for polygyny.

Just one more thing that is beyond my comprehension.

10:50 PM  

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