Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Mothers Day Meditation

Medea Benjamin correctly points out that Julia Ward Howe intended Mothers Day to be a protest against war. In that spirit, I am offering the following Mothers Day meditation.

It may be that there is one issue the women of this country can agree on, including feminists, stay-at-home moms, soccer moms, NASCAR moms, evangelical moms, single mothers, and women in general: That it is time to acknowledge that the Cold War is no more, and it is high time the men got over it! Sixty years of institutional paranoia have curdled our spirit to the point that we can no longer live without a threat, and it is imperative that we learn how to do so if America will ever again be a decent place to live.

We must vigorously oppose all attempts by our leaders to replace the fear of Communism with a fear of terrorism or a fear of China. Fear rots the soul; courage builds it.

There is no War on Terror! Terrorism is a crime best handled by intelligence services and law enforcement. It is not necessary to erode our civil liberties to deal with it.

We must get over this idea of spreading democracy to the world and concentrate on restoring it at home.

China is not a threat! Just because it will give our corporate elite a run for their money is no reason to spend billions trying to contain her.

With no Cold War and no War on Terror, we no longer need a bloated defense establishment. Send the Pentagon to the end of the line when money is handed out. Only when every child in this country goes to bed with a full stomach, only when every citizen has access to adequate health care, only when every school is fully funded, only when every family earns a living wage, then and only then will we considering allocating funds to the Department of Defense. We must resurrect our traditional distrust of a large standing army.

For sixty years we have tried to be the fastest gun in the West, and we have paid dearly for it. The Swiss have the right idea—be the slowest gun in the West and make a fortune selling pocketknives.

That is my Mothers Day meditation. If I have one prayer for the mothers of this country it is that they will rise as one and refuse to sacrifice their children for the fulfillment of a Neocon wet dream.


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Very eloquent, Tiresias.

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