Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Misogynist Music and the Feminist Who Loves It

What is wrong with me? I don't like most music performed by women unless it's Heart or a group like that. Women are too sappy for me. Tori Amos makes me shudder.

ZZ Top? Half of Eminem? Kid Rock? That's part of what I listen to. And I feel like I should be embarrassed about it, but I'm not. And something tells me I should be embarrassed for thinking Adam Ant and Prince are sexy on a stick.

What self-respecting feminist is going to admit to liking ZZ Top with their fast cars, long-legged women and songs full of not so cleverly hidden metaphors?

And Eminem? He's too busy writing songs about killing people, especially his wife. Loads of anger up in there baby.

Kid Rock ... skinny white trash musician that calls women names and sings/raps about doing things to them that verge on rape.

What is it about these men and their music that makes me dance around in my chair like a goldfish without a water supply?

I've seen ZZ Top twice in concert and they put on a darned good show. Flash, but not without substance. Yes, there are scantily clad women on stage and that bothers me more than just a bit. It could be the driving drum beats of Frank Beard (ironically the only Topper without a beard), the Louzeeana Zydeco guitar riffs that meet Texas drawl that draw me in. I can imagine it's me in the back of that big old caddy on the way to LaGrange, smokin' a ceegar and bein' cool.

Eminem? I have no clue why I like him. Maybe it's his beats and his anger, because his anger seems to speak to mine and I find myself thinking, "Yeah, I know what that feels like."

Kid Rock puts on a heck of a show and he is, no doubt, a very talented musician with a black woman as his drummer. Strippers doing pole dances? They were there. Joe C in memoriam sticking his middle finger up for the whole world to sit on and spin, that was there too. And I was there, singing "bah wa dit ba" until I was hoarse.

I can't identify with Sheryl Crowe, Shania Twain, Shakira and definitely not Christina Aguilera. Pink and Missy Elliott, them I can identify with and enjoy.

Is it that there's such a dearth of hard-driving music performed by women? Music that shows the "Take no prisoner" style that ZZ Top, Kid Rock and especially Eminem demonstrate.

Where female artists are concerned, there seems to be a connection lost. They seem to believe that the only way they are going to be heard is to use their sexuality. And this may be true, but it turns me off. It makes me want to avoid their music completely. I want the women who are real and not concerned with what the men think (or the women, for that matter).

Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde, Christine McVie, Nancy Wilson, Grace Slick, Grace Jones ... where have you gone? Come back and teach the next generation what it is to take on a barracuda.


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