Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Church reconsidering condom use... possibly being the "lesser evil." In this case, the greater evil is AIDS, but only in the context of a marriage between a man and a woman, in which one of them is infected with the virus.

It will surely be quite a conundrum for the Church to debate how to debate this issue-- even behind heavy oak doors. On the one hand, the Church must continue to affirm life, not death, including needless, senseless, preventable, death. On the other hand, condoning any proplylactic measures at all when it comes to sexual practices, might seem like serious backtracking to the church's conservative base.

And so, that the Church might even consider what amounts to sanctioning non-procreative sex is highly unusual.

Even more unusual, is that we didn't make up this story. Nor has Hell frozen over (more likely to flood now, given climactic changes). No... we found this story in the New York Times, and expect to see it elsewhere before long.

Ultimately, the Church's position on condoms is unlikely to change. However, even this tidbit of news about the Church thinking that maybe, possibly, perhaps, there are some things that are worse than condom use... is a tiny rent in the bubble of religious evangelism. And any kind of leak is a leak is a leak is a leak.


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