Thursday, May 25, 2006

Because It Worked So Well for Hitler and Hussein

A man in a roomful of clerks went on a tirade about illegal immigrants. Of course, living in California, he meant Mexicans. "I think we ought to tattoo their foreheads orange before we deport them. Of course that will never work because they'll just turn around and come back."

Forget solutions like helping Mexico, and South America, with economic growth so people who live in abject poverty don't have to risk their lives coming to America to take jobs no one wants in order to help their families who live in villages with no electricity, no indoor plumbing and no paved roads.

Let's just label everybody that's different like Hitler did with his pink and yellow pieces of cloth that made homosexuals and Jews targets. Let's just put people we don't like on the edge of pits and shoot them so their bodies will fall backwards into them, why don't we?

As Graham Nash wrote, "In a land that's known as freedom / How can such a thing be fair?"

The few clerks that were paying attention were stunned into silence leaving me to ask, "How does one deal with such monstrous comments when they are made in your presence?" No one was quick enough on their feet to even call him a racist to his face. How does one make a difference in situations like these?


Blogger Lyssa Strada said...

Thursday, you might have some lyrics lurking in this post. I really like the way the title scans, to begin with. Have you ever written any songs or poems?

In any case, the story does take one's breath away.

I wonder if one thing might be just to talk with the other clerks about the incident, so you and they can each express how you felt? Just knowing that might make a difference in your responses the next time it happens. I'm assuming there will be a next time.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Thursday Next said...

At best, my poetry is doggerel. And thank you!

There won't be a next time, at least in this particular room full of clerks because SpecOps let that particular clerk go. One suspects it had more to do with the actual quality and output of his work than his racist and sexist views.

No doubt I will be on a different assignment at the end of next month, anyway. SpecOps has a way of keeping me hopping. (Notice I did not say anything about keeping my wits about me.)

2:43 PM  

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